Templates and Guides

What program do I need?

Canary uses Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign. You can also use CorelDraw or other professional Vector/Print solutions

What file formats?

For finished, print-ready projects, we require PDF produced at High Quality Print setting, with all elements converted to outlines and bleeds set properly

Need a template?

Please specify the product, dimensions, and any custom finishing

Request Template

Frequent Questions

  • CMYK
    All files MUST be in CMYK for printing

  • Bleeds
    We typically use .125" bleeds on our print. If unsure, please ask or check template file

  • Proofs
    We will provide a JPG proof for your approval, unless otherwise requested

  • Outlines
    Please convert all elements to outlines!!

  • Rich Black Please remember that CMYK rich-black is 30/30/30/100 (NOT 0/0/0/100)